Online Coach Terrence Robertson

I am first and foremost a kettlebell instructor and nutritionist, as well as the author of the Amazon #1 International bestselling book, ‘Healthy is the New Sexy – A Guide to Creating the Body You Want.’ I have developed my craft for more than two decades and tens of thousands of hours, whilst working with some of the world’s best in my field. My industry accolations as a  Strength & Conditioning coach and Nutritionist include: Russian Kettlebell Certification Level 2 instructor, StrongFirst Girevoy Level 2 instructor, StrongFirst Lifter and Precision Nutrition Sports and Exercise coach.

Similarly to most of you, I have been looking to live life in a healthy, fit and vibrant body while feeling emotionally balanced. I believe these qualities form a foundation that supports us as we strive to discover what really fulfils us in all areas of our lives.

I feel that “Health & Fitness” as a mainstream concept has been over-complicated and often corrupted by the industry as a whole, via methods that are geared around instant gratification and are relatively unsustainable in the longer term. 

My intention as a coach, is to demystify mainstream exercise and nutrition strategies, and to make easily accessible the variety of positive attributes (with maximum return on investment) for any individual who is willing and able to learn.

I help men and women break the mold in their current understandings pertaining to effective exercise and nutrition strategies, and how these relate to achieving their own long-term personal goals, whilst offering an approach that is suitable, no matter what level or experience they may have. “

– Terrence Robertson