About Terrence

Health & Fitness Coach

I am a health & fitness coach and the author of the Amazon #1 International bestselling book, ‘Healthy is the New Sexy – A Guide to Creating the Body You Want.’ I have been developing my craft as a health & fitness coach over two decades and tens of thousands of hours. In that time I’ve worked with some of the world’s best in my field. I’ve entertained the extremes of my industry, as an athlete, as a strength and conditioning coach and as a sports and exercise nutritionist. I am who I am today because of years of research and experience.

Similarly to most of you, I have been looking to live life in a healthy, fit and vibrant body while feeling emotionally balanced. It’s these qualities that form a foundation which support us as we push forward in our lives to discover what really fulfils us. And this becomes more pertinent to most of us, especially as we get older (and hopefully wiser). No matter what your situation is, it’s never wrong to be unsatisfied with where you are at. And if you’re feeling like this you need to know that it’s okay to say, “I don’t know who I am and I want more in my life.” It’s okay to seek that which fulfils you and gives your life significance.” If you are questioning your life, don’t think that that you are on your own because the quest to discovering your own identity is very real, and it’s a quest that is on the minds of many, especially those whom fall into the category of, “the mid-lifers”. 

Now, you may be wondering, “what does any of this have to do with health and fitness?” Well the thing is the term, “to be healthy & fit”, is often construed to mean a number of things to different individuals, with the most common term being dictated by the mainstream health & fitness industry. And I’m sure if you take a moment to conjure up a mental picture of how that term is used in the health & fitness industry, the pretentiousness behind it is quite obvious.

‘But, what other choice do you have when you don’t know any better, right?’ 

Ultimately, the mainstream health & fitness industry is sabotaging your personal quest to rise into your passion, power and purpose, because the very foundation that supports that ideal is not there. Instead, this industry of which you look to for help, promotes a message that is pretentious and unsustainable. It will lure you in with methods of instant gratification until finally you come to terms with the fact that being healthy & fit (in mainstream terms) is way too hard. At that point you’ll be spat out of machine. You of course, may return after some time, but you will have gained no further insight into solving the very reasons that draw you back there, until one day you succumb to the thinking, that you must be the problem. And that’s when most people come to the realisation that all hope is lost and they may as well give up.

Well, I’m here to assure you that you are not the problem. The health & fitness industry is the problem. To be healthy & fit, is a term that embodies a much broader meaning than most of us would like to think. To be healthy & fit is not meant to be hard. It’s meant to be a part of a way of living and it’s meant to be a part of your wellbeing. To truly embrace it you have to let it in to every part of your life.

Forget about what the Health & Fitness industry wants you to believe, because the vision is way too short-sighted. To really embrace this notion of being healthy & fit, and where it is embodied in every part of your life, you need to understand that it only comes through progressive integration.  Whether your goal is to live in a healthy, fit and vibrant body while feeling emotionally balanced or whether you are on a quest to rise into your passion, power and purpose, all roads here lead in the same direction. And when you look at it this way, suddenly it all makes more sense and it also becomes so much more exciting to take this journey, which in a lot of ways is a journey to self-discovery.

With progressive integration, we have growth, and to understand that to be healthy & fit, although foundational to personal growth, is also influenced by the very ability to grow in itself. With this in mind, hopefully you begin to see that the term health & fitness now takes on a much broader perspective.

Now as a coach, I can honestly say that this is the very essence of my own story and this is why I am still able to pursue a life that includes the broader perception of health & fitness and why I continue to rise into my passion, power and purpose.

Now the question I have for you is this…

Considering your own health & fitness experiences in the past. If you had been provided with the tools based on this philosophy, do you think your life would be much different now?”

While you ponder this question I will leave you with this statement,

I help men and women rise into their passion, power and purpose, so that they can live their full potential, and reclaim their lives, including their relationships and career.”

– Terrence Robertson